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Net in Arcadia

A Virtual Museum Dedicated to Contemporary Classicism

NET IN ARCADIA, is the Virtual Museum of Contemporary Classicism, exhibiting works by Alfred Russell, Andree Descharnes, their daughter, Elsie Russell, and other artists interpreting classical themes and material. These like-minded artists share a humanistic and atemporal vision unique in the post-war world of Modernist Art. They explore various aspects of the Western Figurative Tradition to express the human condition. We have used Nicolas Poussin's "Et in Arcadia Ego", which Alfred Russell copied in the Louvre in 1956, to symbolize this vision. Each artist is represented by a core body of work acompanied by title, date, media, and size, as well as a brief description of each piece. Biographies and statements are given when available. Our collection will be constantly expanding as more recent works and new artists are included.

The universality of Greco-Roman aesthetics plays a major part in Contemporary Classicism. The expression of clarity, harmony and restraint, as well as the drama and pathos of Greek mythology and literature in its understanding of the human psyche are the foundations for expression with contemporary classical artists. They may cover contemporary, fictional, or symbolic subject matter, or non-representational realms and concepts. In technique, a vigorous discipline is observed, whether the style is loose and spontaneous or studied and meticulous. The great variety of artistic approaches flourishing under this appellation is testament to its vitality in this multifarious "Postmodern" Age.

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Alfred Russell and his Madness of Damnation - A Daughter's Story of a Family of Artists Destroyed by Anti-Semitism

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