Price List for Scores by Jeff Harrington

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Perusal scores and tapes are available from the composer upon request to interested conductors and new music performers.

Orchestral Music:

New Zion Pastorale for Orchestra (1997) Study Score: $15.00

A 9 minute feast of Americana, Gospel and ecstatic textures for community or college orchestra.

Chamber Music:

MumboGumbo for Flute, Alto Sax, Violin, Cello and Piano (1997) Score and Parts: $30.00

A 15 minute crazed exploration of Salsa, Funk, New Age and Nina Rota SoundTrack ambience.

Morph-Fantasia for Woodwind Quintet (1996-7) Score and Parts: $30.00

A 13 minute composition with lots of crazy contrasts and transformations.

KaleidoPsychoTropos for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano (1996) Score and Parts: $30.00

Intense syncopations, fiery interruptions, mind-bending climaxes... a Gumbo of funk and counterpoint.

"(Harrington) utilized the entire ensemble in an alternately dark and rhythmic collage of styles, textures and bits and pieces from all over the world." - R.L. Ragsdale, Riverfront Times, St. Louis, Mo. (after the November 19, 1995 premiere by Synchronia, Timothy Vincent Clark, Music Director).

Oneiromancer for Flute Viola and Cello (1995) Score: $12.00

A Debusseyan trio of intermediate difficulty (playable by amateurs) with a slight reggae feel and soulful tunes.

Gygr for Flute Viola and Cello (1995) Score and Parts: $30.00

Debussy on safari! (A Gygr is a spinning malignant spirit). Fifteen minutes long.

Mockingsongbird Soliloquy for Solo Oboe (1995) Score: $5.00

A 5 minute extravaganza of modal tunes and bird-like ravings.

Duo Dioscuri for Contrabass and Piano (1995) Score and Part: $15.00

Dramatic and contrapuntal with a touch of funk.

BlueStrider for Piano (1995) Score: $12.00

A virtuoso piano composition in the grand manner. Hints of Fats Waller, Beethoven, Bartok. Not for the faint of heart!

Preludes for Piano (1992-98) Score: $12:00

Pieces of medium difficulty for the piano, in the manner of the Shostakovich Preludes; plus a little Nancarrow for spice!

Piano Trio (1992) Score: $12.00, Score and Parts: $25.00

A Piano Trio in the tradition of Beethoven and Shostakovich with lots of counterpoint and drama!

Mercurealities for Flute, Viola and Cello (1994) Score: $12.00, Score and Parts $25.00

Flute trio with hints of the classical Stravinsky; tons of counterpoint.

Violin Sonata in the Classic Style (1987) Score: $12.00

Violin Sonata using the classical/baroque harmonic language. Movements II and IV are difficult; Mvt. IV is a gigue of monumental intensity.

ChawSwizzler for Nine Instruments (WW5 and SQ) (1994) Score: $12.00 Score and Parts: $45.00

Chamber Orchestra piece in the manner of Dumbarton Oaks meets bluegrass for a contrapuntal hoedown!

Baudelaire Macabre for Soprano and Marimba (1994) Score and Part: $12.00

Three Songs with macabre texts(by Baudelaire) referencing the decay of corpses; the way love splatters people's brains; and the possible omelet potential to be found in graveyards; for Soprano and Marimba.

Tchoupitoulas Byrd Song for Clarinet and Piano (1993) Score and Part: $15.00

Messiaen under the influence - of New Orleans Jazz.

Gnomos for Bassoon, Flute, and Piano (1994) Score and Parts: $20.00

Funky but macabre combination of counterpoint with R&B inflections.

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